Final Composition

November 14, 2013


Everything’s in, it’s all sitting there, but it’s somehow feeling like a party where everyone’s meeting each other for the first time. It needs something to tie it all together, and the at the moment the river was acting like a DJ playing all the wrong music.

So after looking at a lot of hyperrealist work out there on the internet, I decided that what my piece was missing was a “look”. Something to tie everything together….the atmosphere that we feel but don’t really see that makes us believe what’s in front of our eyes could really exist somewhere.

The solution was to add an 85 photo filter at 20-25% opacity to a number of the cooler elements to tie them together. The green cupcakes got a red photo filter at 20%. Below are the results.

Hyper WW Fall_24

UPDATE: After looking at it for a while, I decided less might be more. Since I had two background layers, one with the 85 filter sky and one with a still blue sky, each with independent masking for other elements, I rearranged the order to stack the blue on top. I then reduced the opacity of the blue to 25% to allow the 85 filtered sky through.

Here’s the difference, it’s slight, but enough to keep the cooler colored elements from being left out:

Hyper WW Fall_27


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