July 10, 2014

Next draft: adding more images, getting a little more specific on the menubar and which social media buttons to include. Got rid of the footers on each page and will just have an “anchor” footer at the very bottom with site map. Need to lose headers on 2nd, third and 4th pages, but haven’t come up with a redesign to use that found real estate yet. Still, the images really start to bring the site to life.

I’d like to make the thumbnails on each page remote rollovers to the larger images that when clicked, bring the user to a link telling more of the story of each project, person, or research item.

Global Coral Site_03

Global Coral Reef Alliance_03 Wireframe

Global Coral Reef Alliance_03 Wireframe


July 14, 2014

Ok, so I did something this morning that I have never done and I hope never to do again. While starting up work on my website where I left off before the weekend, I went ahead and compared the version of my website file on my flash drive to make sure it was the same as, or newer than the copy on my desktop before I copied it over. Only I completely forgot to check my Wireframes folder, which were the files I was working on last. And so I overwrote my entire Web Design I folder with an older version by accident. And for the first time, I had NOT backed up to a second location on a remote drive or cloud server in the event of such a mistake. Wow. 8 hours of work down the drain, and I still don’t have a handle on how to get things into Dreamweaver. Lots of cursing, and even more bad luck along the way (an unrelated browser glitch led me to reest and erase my browsing history and so I couldn’t even go through history to recover all the images I had painstakingly found). I was just short of throwing something at the wall, I was so angry with myself.

But no more time to waste, I managed to recreate almost all of it so far and am now at this point with my web design. I still have to lose some extraneous headers for my scroll-style page, but slowly but surely fitting images, content and links where I want them:

Global Coral Site_04

Global Coral Site_04

July 15, 2014

Further refinements, and now starting to put absolute boxes into Dreamweaver:

Global Coral Site_04_Site_Wireframe_Website

← COLOR        TILES →


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