exercise: Grid

Below is a gallery of the grid exercise with three versions:  conservative, moderate and experimental. Well, actually I did two experimental. I was trying to take the subject matter to heart when designing the grid pages, and stay within the spirit of the New Typography. One of the things the New Typography tried to adhere to was leaving plenty of room for negative spaces, a real challenge with the amount of text provided and the text formatting specifications along with the size of the page. In Experimental A, I cut the existing grid up into smaller slices. For Experimental B, I stuck to the original 3 column grid for the text (although I used a half the grid width to measure out the 2nd block of text and 1.5 column widths for the headline, and switched to 4 columns for the background images. I found the experimental to be incredibly challenging, so I think I need to walk away from it for a bit to see if anything new starts flowing.

exercise grid_03 PDF


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