Rough Drafts

December 11, 2013

Another draft, taking the whole image into a monochromatic state by customizing the black and white adjustment layer, bringing in a tint, and saving it as a preset. I then tried to play the maps’ distinctive lines and curves into the photographs which represent their geography, adding color back in to photos which more iconically represent each area:

Neighborhood Map Collage_10

November 22, 2013

As usual, I’m scrapping my first draft (and second and third and fourth!) for another format. Not happy with the original map, I needed to move on to something more clean and stylized in a modern way. My memories of the places I’d been were in modern times, and I wanted the map to reflect that. Coming from New York City, I also really love seeking out the unique neighborhoods of a given city, and what images describe those places. Finally, I wanted to give the collage a kind of vintage modern travel poster feel….something you might see in Travel Agency windows twenty years ago…

To blend the images I’ve mostly used the gradient tool to blend foreground to transparency and foreground to background:

Neighborhood Map Collage_04

November 25, 2013

So the first draft of my travel collage includes a vintage map of the Europe and Asia. I’ve masked in various photos of the cities and countries I’ve visited (and have photos saved) over the last ten years or so; Amsterdam, Turkey (Istanbul and the Aegan coast), India, and Barcelona. From each of those places I’ve added images that struck me at the time which still resonate…and hope to be able to represent the links from one place to the next. Each place had a magical and unique persona…something it seems is increasingly difficult to find in the steady march of homogenization in today’s modern cities…

Travel Collage_03


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