Printer’s Mark/Colophon

March 18, 2014

An impromptu update on the colophon after I discovered a technique on the internet to make my mark less “vectory” and crisp and more like ink printed on paper, with bleeding edges and all. I also used the same technique (will look up source and credit later – it was a good one!) to add some stippling inside the form, to represent an imperfect ink print. I turned the stipples “gold” to give it a bit of warmth. Finally I put the black colophon on a cream background (which unfortunately looks a bit green with the jpeg compression here) to add a bit of richness. It’s pretty much impossible to tell the difference at thumbnail size, but a blowup will hopefully give an idea (click on the image):

kc Colophon with roughened edges and interior stippling

kc Colophon with roughened edges and interior stippling



February 25, 2014

The final draft of my Colophon. I made a few changes to the thickness of the “C” letterform and adjusted the bracketing connecting the “C” to the “K”. Here are two versions, one in Black and White, the other with an Amethyst Color (my birthstone) for the “C” and the triple mark at the bottom of the “K” stem/descender.

February 22, 2014

Latest Digital Draft of Colophon. I’m intentionally leaving serifs mis-matched as well as stem and arm (leg?) heights and lengths. However, I still want to strike some sort of balance in the dischord. I still need to work out the surrounding circle and it’s thickness in relation to the “k” letterform. Will continue working and try to resolve the way to maintain irregularity while maintaining balance.

KC Colophon Digital Draft

KC Colophon Digital Draft

February 18, 2014

So after feedback in class, the letter “R” treehouse drawings will actually become my “Ex Libris” and I will work on a Printer’s Mark/Colophon using my initials. Below are some thumbnail sketches, refined to a couple of favorites, and some digitized drafts I’ve been working on. Looking forward to feedback in class on Wednesday.

  1. Page 1 Thumbnails
  2. Page 2 Thumbnails
  3. First choice thumbnail
  4. Second choice thumbnail
  5. Digitized drafts

1. KC Colophon Thumbnails_01     2.  KC Colophon Thumbnails_02

3. KC Colophon 1st Choice     4. KC Colophon 2nd Choice

5. Colophon_03

February 10, 2014

EX LIBRIS – These are the first two sketchbook sized drafts of my Ex Libris using the letter “R.” Since these two drafts were completed in my regular sketchbook, I will be taking measurements of proportion and scale of the second draft to transfer it to the larger 11″ x 14″ bristol board format. Rather than scanning, I will photograph the final drawing in order to load into Adobe Illustrator.

Letter "R" Colophon - 1st Draft

Letter “R” Ex Libris – 1st Draft

Letter "R" Colophon - 2nd Draft

Letter “R” Ex Libris – 2nd Draft

I’m using a more traditional design found in printers’ books, rather than the abstract, i.e. Nicolas Jenson’s beatifully simple and timeless mark (below). However, I would like to also design a simple colophon later on.

Nicolas Jenson personal Colophon simple

Nicolas Jenson (1420-1480) Simple Colophon


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