After Feedback

December 06, 2013


After looking over my final Cubist rough draft, I got some good feedback from Professor Krikun on some areas of the image that were getting lost and a little muddy, specifically the fractured plate rim and fish pencil drawing. Lightening these sections helped define the areas they occupied in space better, and gave more dimension to the overall image.

Also, knowing how the definition of darker areas can be rendered muddy and lose detail with imperfect printer calibration, I also lightened areas in the back wall storm king poster area and in the foreground rug area.

Here are the results of those adjustments:


Cubist Fish Still Life_PRINT

Lightened Once:

Cubist Fish Still Life_PRINT_Lightened

Lightened a second time:

Cubist Fish Still Life_PRINTFLAT_Lightened2


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