December 8, 2013


The following three are the final iterations of the global coral reef alliance event poster. I chose very simple text; just conveying the message of a hypothetical upcoming reef launch event. The first iteration is the best of the three, for color and headline text placement.

gcra-poster-layout_09_Layout-2 gcra-poster-layout_09_Layout-3 gcra-poster-layout_09_Layout-4

December 2, 2013

Here is a rough draft of my first choice for poster layout or journal cover for Global Coral Reef Alliance. The poster might be for an upcoming symposium or to announce the launch of a restoration project in a particular location. The text blocks will need to be resized to more accurately depict the type of information that would be included in such a poster, but for now I wanted to use the “type in area” tool to begin blocking it in:


November 22, 2013

Five layout ideas for informational posters and/or publicity posters (or t-shirts!) for the Global Coral Reef Alliance. This group is dedicated to propagating coral reefs through the Biorock process in numerous countries around the globe. Although each project shares the commonality in their method for renewing and reviving coral reefs, they all approach their individual reefs with unique layouts and structures, lending each reef its own personality. In both the most recent logo iterations I’ve tried and the poster layouts, I hope to convey a sense of both uniqueness with the use of color and unity with the overarching design:

Figure 1 shows the first two concepts as informational poster layouts, with two-color blocking of the page and the coral illustration included. The poster on the left would have a modified illustration of the coral fanning out from the top left toward the bottom right of the page; the poster on the right would keep with the coral globe illustration and blocks of text would be placed alternately along the left and right borders.

GCRA Layout Ideas_01

Figure 2 shows a third concept which could be an informational poster or a t-shirt layout, using the familiar iconography of the postage stamp. The stamp conveys a sense of the international aspect of the organization’s mission as well as the idea that each of these coral reef projects is one unique part of series of global efforts.

The first “stamp” is an illustration of the coral covering the left side of the globe (possibly materializing through the used of gradient to transparency) with a school of fish migrating toward it). The second illustration is a representation of an actual existing coral reef frame welded in the shape of a lotus flower which exists in Southeast Asia. Again the fish migrate toward the newly living coral organisms growing on the frame.

GCRA Layout Ideas_02

Figure 4 shows the third and fourth concepts. On the left, a poster delineating the various projects in progress, identified by a logo with unique color scheme, a small informational blurb on the location and “birth” of the coral project, and a photo, when possible, of the project’s current state. The last concept on the right shows a geographic infographic of the various coral reef projects which are ongoing and anticipated, again with a color scheme logo and a small informational blurb to go with, on a map of the world. This last poster could potentially have flash added to highlight each satellite blurb along with its location on the globe.

GCRA Layout Ideas_03


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