Design a logotype for the Lake Woodrock Homeowners’ Association, located in the Furnace Woods section of Cortlandt Manor, NY.

Lake Woodrock Snow Panorama

Lake Woodrock Snow Panorama

February 12, 2014


The following are pages from my sketchbook of the various thumbnails and ideas for the Lake Woodrock logotype. Recurring themes are towering pine trees, the swimming dock and platform, and the canoe.

1.Lake Woodrock Thumbnails_01   2. Lake Woodrock Thumbnails_02  3. Lake Woodrock Thumbnails_03

4. Lake Woodrock Thumbnails_04  5. Lake Woodrock Thumbnails_05  6. Lake Woodrock Thumbnails_06

  1. Lake Woodrock with swim dock and railings
  2. Lake Woodrock as woodcut, additional swim dock and railing studies, also “woodcut look” studies
  3. Logotype incorporated into swim dock planks and extruded, studies of the docks to find essential shapes
  4. Squared off versions of logotype, again to imply a carved sign or stamp, also with rotated letters forming lifeguard chair cube
  5. Tall pines all lowercase, additional stabs at swim dock, canoe letterform
  6. Canoe letterform, negative print, large “L” lake woodrock with pines logotype
February 17, 2014


With a direction chosen for the logotype, it is now time to get down to drafts. Based on the several Canoe-themed sketches of the Lake Woodrock logo, here are some additional drawings exploring shape, scale and line.

1. Lake Woodrock Thumbnails 2nd Drafts  2. Lake Woodrock Thumbnails 2nd Drafts_0001

3. Lake Woodrock Thumbnails 2nd Drafts_0002  4. Lake Woodrock Thumbnails 2nd Drafts_0003

  1. Canoe shapes horizontal and vertical
  2. Canoe shapes horizontal with letter variations
  3. Canoe shapes with underscore and x height variations
  4. Canoe shapes with underscore and descender variations
February 19, 2014

The final thumbnail iterations before digital scanning:

Lake Woodrock negative space iteration

Lake Woodrock White on Black #1

Lake Woodrock White on Black #2

Lake Woodrock White on Black #2

February 20, 2014

Lake Woodrock First Digital Drafts

Lake Woodrock Digital Drafts

Lake Woodrock Digital Drafts

PDF File:  Corgan_Logo_3_Versions_01

February 26, 2014

Here are the final iterations of my Lake Woodrock Logotype. After critique on the first digital draft, which focused partly on the fact that the letterforms had gotten too mushy and as though they had a filter applied to them, I set back to work re-introducing additional anchor points and creating hard corners and contours in a manner more faithful to my developed thumbnail sketches. Although I had spent quite a lot of time going into the bezier curves of the original digital drafts, refining curves and counterforms, copying a finished side of one counterform and flipping it to perfectly match on the opposite side, the whole thing was indeed looking a little too slick, and had lost the original woodcut, handmade feel. In the following final draft, I’ve tried to reintroduce the raw, one-off forms I had in the earliest digitized version. It’s possible that I could push it to be even more rough, but I feel this draft is starting to strike a good balance between each letter being unique and the look of a uniform font.

On another note, I had a very difficult time deciding on color; in a couple of the versions I wanted to evoke the water and skyline meeting at the horizon in different lighting conditions, whereas others I wanted to evoke the mood of the shifting color of the water and its various reflected surfaces. Printing these faithfully has become a whole different story…something that I certainly need to dial in so I can get on paper what I’m seeing on the screen. To be continued!

Lake Woodrock Logotype Final

Lake Woodrock Logotype Final

Corgan_Logo_Final_02 (PDF)


Lake Woodrock Logotype Color Alternates

Lake Woodrock Logotype Color Alternates

Corgan_Logo_Final_02 Alternates (PDF)



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