My chosen subject for the Cubist project is a fish still life. I plan to use additional elements along with the fish; a blue pottery plate (with a fish design on it, interesting to create complimentary shapes to the real fish), as well as more traditional still life elements:  lemons, scallions, anise bulbs, and artichokes are all on the list to be photographed:

Cubist_Fish_0019 Cubist_Fish_0180 Cubist_Fish_0055 Cubist_Fish_0016

The 5 color palette will be what you see below; reddish pink, silver, blue, green and yellow. I used the Adobe Kuler website to create a custom palette (fun! – thanks Prof. Krikun!):

Custom color palette made with adobe kuler

Custom color palette made with adobe kuler

Actually, hmm….looking at the palette next to the photos above I think I’ll go back and add some violet to the blue on the right for the plate…what a great tool!

Below are four sketches…I’d like to come up with a fifth as well and just mulling over a fresh compostion.

The first two are pretty traditional; my idea would be to fracture the still lifes along the perspective planes of the fish and vegetables/fruits on the first one in an early Cubist Cezanne kind of way:

Fish Study_01

…and along the major shape lines of this more flattened bird’s eye view, in the style of Picasso or Braque:

Fish Study_02

This study would have more of a Demuth “I Saw the Figure 5 in Gold” approach, with a forced perspective repetition of the fish’s open jaws, and a play on the shadow shapes and reflective shapes cast onto the blue plate:

Fish Study_03

The fourth might have a surreal Hockneyesque bending of the fish’s body..where the head would lay flat at the bottom of the frame, multiple composite shots would be taken from different perspectives until the tail perspective had completely bent back towards the viewer….as if someone picked up the tail of the fish and bent it towards us, leaving the head firmly anchored to the plate:

Fish Study_04


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