July 14, 2014

Happy Bastille Day everyone! So when I started planning the design for my website for the Global Coral Reef Alliance, I knew that I would want to rely on the stunning underwater photography depicting many of the restoration sites that the original site had on its server, but was not taking advantage of. In following the style of some of my favorite conservation organizations’ web designs (see here on my SITEMAP and  WIREFRAMES pages), I knew I’d want many of these images to take the entire page, with thumbnail insets to act as links out to the various projects, people, news and other articles the site carries.

In some cases I had to find higher resolution images, but fortunately doing a google search using Biorock as a tagline (the mineral accretion process that GCRA supports most strongly) provided me with many beautiful, hi-res photos to choose from. Here are just a few that I plan to use on my main pages or “frames”:

July 31, 2014

Here are a few replacement images that I feel meet the parameters for what I believe are more successful images for use as full frame background. Extreme depth in wide shots and tack sharp focus with shallow depth of field make for striking full frame pages:

← TILES         TYPE →


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