CONCEPT 1:  National Marine Life Center

Current Logo:

NMLC Logo Current

New Concept: I think we can narrow it down to one animal here, something a bit cleaner. The loggerhead turtle was the first animal they rehabilitated, so it’s a no-brainer.

Object/Photo: Image of Loggerhead Turtle

Loggerhead Baby  it might be too low res to use for the class (or is that Digital Imaging only? hmmm) but this is the angle/shot I want. It’s contrasty look defines the form well and the attitude of the turtle’s head and body swimming toward the surface light suggest rejuvenation. I really like it!

loggerhead baby LOW RES

another Loggerhead getting friendly with the fish!

Loggerhead with tropical fish

CONCEPT 2:  Doctors Without Borders

Current Logo:

Doctors Without Borders current logo

New Concept: Perhaps they could use a logo with more color…at one time I could see how a simple one color logo that is easy to recognize in lower tech developing countries would be important, but something that is more representative and more current…say all the colors of all the world flags (a la UN) in an icon that represents medical care (a thermometer strip for instance?)

Object/Photo:  A thermometer strip

Place “DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS” through center of strip, connecting the spaces between the temp readings. Change the temp readings to the colors of all national flags: black, blue, green, yellow, red.

LCD Forehead Thermometer

or stethoscope circling the globe…

Red Stethoscope

Red Stethoscope

CONCEPT 3:  Save Buzzards Bay Buzzards Bay Coalition

Current Logo:

Save Buzzards Bay current

New Concept: Buzzards Bay has the benefit of being very geographically distinctive as a map outline within Cape Cod. The new logo should incorporate an area map color highlighting the buzzards bay area. Text incorporated into map outline or filling the buzzards bay highlighted portion (either inside or as a surround) should work well. Buzzard’s silhouette, wing or body, could work implied in negative space

Object/Photo: Map of Western Cape Cod area

capecod road map    capecod sailing map

Scene from Santa Teresa County Park      Jackal-Buzzard

CONCEPT 4:  Global Coral Reef Alliance

Current Logo (!):

Global Coral Reef Alliance current Banner

New Concept: Coral reef is so beautiful and organic with so many stunning living creatures that coexist with it, it’s image should be integrated into the logo. A photo turned into a high contrast 2D representation would work well here…or a silhouette. Think Cabbage Coral and use just initials….GCRA and apply the initials to the coral in a Hirschfeld style to the coral…hide the letters in the coral shape!

Object/Photo: Reef shape or reef with animal life silhouette ….


CONCEPT 5:  Earth Policy Institute

Current Logo:

EPI_current logo

New Concept: This group is about saving people and saving the planet, a wholly sustainable earth/humanity concept. I always like a clean graphic like this but needs to be a little less cold.

Three Earth-bound objects in three colors should represent this company: A green leaf to represent the earth’s living things, blue water to represent the the fluidity of shaping Policy, and charcoal colored head, human form or chromosomal symbols (TBD) to represent mankind. These three images should link together in a chain or become an infinity loop with the company name integrated as part of the links or completing the implied infinity form.


    Water drops on leaf_01 Water Drops on Leaf_02


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