CONCEPT 1: Fish Still Life

I don’t have my own fish photos at the moment, but my idea would be to actually purchase a fish and perhaps some fresh greens (scallions, etc) to create a cubist still life. I think the irridescent scales of the fish body, as well as the fins, gills and tail, would make great forms and textures to fracture, split and create many beautiful abstractions.


Fish_teeth Small_Snapper Snapper-whole-fish

CONCEPT 2: Croton Gorge

Croton Gorge is such a stunning park and so close to home. The cascading water from the dam is almost a cubist vista all by itself, but I thought it could make a really striking cubist study by pushing the envelope of what’s already there.

Croton Gorge Dam

Croton Gorge Dam    Croton Gorge Dam  Croton Gorge Dam    Croton Gorge Dam

CONCEPT 3:  Bulldozer

Having a three year old son, Bulldozers are a huge part of our daily visual vernacular. And since I’m always drawn to the industrial and the mechanical aspect of things, it seems a natural subject to transform into a cubist study!

 Bulldozer Bulldozer Bulldozer Bulldozer Bulldozer Bulldozer

CONCEPT 4: Watts Towers

If you’ve never been to Watts Towers, they are a must see destination if you find yourself spending a few days in Los Angeles. The story of their construction is fascinating, as was the enigmatic character who built and lived in them. The unimaginable level of detail and delicacy of form belies their unassailable structure; they’ve withstood earthquakes when many greater structures have failed. Though I have over a hundred photos taken of the towers during a visit there years ago, I’m not sure this would be the first choice of subject matter for the cubism project if only because I won’t be able to take additional photos if necessary to augment the project.



CONCEPT 5: Playground

Playgrounds are such wonderfully abstract structures to begin with, and lend themselves to myriad whimsical transformations. The playgrounds at the Peekskill waterfront and at Sunset Park in Croton have great backdrops against which to multiply and fracture their geometric shapes and colors.

Peekskill Playground pan_1  Peekskill_playground_054Peekskill_playground_012Peekskill_playground_013Peekskill_playground_052Peekskill_playground_020Peekskill_playground_014Peekskill_playground_044Peekskill_playground_038

Sunset_Playground_Panorama_1    Sunset Playground Sunset Playground Sunset Playground


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