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Brooklynbig_bottles Glaser

Milton Glaser’s Designs for Brooklyn Brewery

So while I’ve been pursuing a new career in graphic design, my significant other has been refining his taste and pursuit of the best of craft beer both near and far. Each week, he brings home an assortment of wonderful new beers (I’m not a beer drinker and I must say most have been amazing).

So, in my nightly catch up on local news,  I was delighted to see this NY Times Magazine interactive of reknowned designer Milton Glaser keeping it fresh with critique of the design aesthetic of this burgeoning young industry, picking apart what works and what doesn’t in an assortment of micro-crafted beers.

Follow the link: Milton Glaser Critiques Modern Beer Art and enjoy the critique!

And for extra credit, check this great short by Hillman Curtis on Milton Glaser hosted by the website:

Arguably Glaser's most famous design

Arguably Glaser’s most famous design



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