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KALMAN / 8 / Going Global…

March 26, 2014
Benneton's Colors Magazine

Benetton’s Colors Magazine

Benetton. It was a household name in the 80’s and 90’s for its design smart clothing – for you young kids, a Uniqlo for the Clinton years. Under the leadership of creative director Oliviero Toscani, the company was already well-known, not only for its style but for its radical and socially provocative ad campaigns. When Toscani asked Kalman to create a magazine to expand on their platform of incendiary and controversial print ads, a perfect fit was born. Tibor closed shop at M & Co., assembled a team of designers, packed up his family, and headed for Rome. Finally, Kalman had a global platform from which he could advocate his ideas of social consciousness, and COLORS Magazine became Benetton’s voice of global awareness.





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