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KALMAN / 7 / Waste Not A Moment…

March 12, 2014

In addition to their more conventional clients, M & Co. established a tradition of producing design works and crafts with an irreverent and witty character. The “Waste Not A Moment” watch series was among those works. From the “10 One 4” watch inspired by a sketch done by Tibor’s wife Maira, which labelled the random hours of the day around which we structure our daily lives, to the “Askew” watch, which conceived that so long as you put the 12 on top, it didn’t matter where the other hours were, Kalman and his M & Co. crew were living by their mantra to “Waste Not a Moment.” It was their mission to always actualize their keen observations on our social and philosophical existence.





2 thoughts on “KALMAN / 7 / Waste Not A Moment…

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