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March 5, 2014
Tibor Kalman & Scott Stowell for the 42nd St Art Project

Tibor Kalman & Scott Stowell for the 42nd St Art Project

By the early 90’s, Corporate Art had firmly taken hold and was nowhere more evident than in New York City. To counter this movement, Creative Time, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting innovative public art on the streets of New York City, sponsored an installation composed of two dozen or so artists called the 42nd Street Art Project, wherein prominent artists and designers would display works on the various facades in Times Square. The area had long been in decay, but it was slated for a major overhaul with the guidance of the Times Square Business Improvement District. The installations would be up for one year and had to reflect the real world social consciousness of the time. This was a perfect fit for Tibor. He, in collaboration with Scott Stowell, put up their installation of EVERYBODY,  a ground floor billboard with huge black sans serif lettering on a yellow background erected in front of the police station in the center of the square. Multi-colored chairs were affixed to the sign, inviting “everybody” to sit and relax, or simply pass some time watching everybody else. The interpretations of the piece were many, but one thing is sure that in typical Tibor style, it was a piece for the people.





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