Miscellany / Typography

Just past midnight and waiting for the snow

play it. you know you want to.

play it. you know you want to.

Let’s face it gang, winter has us on the ropes, and we’re just trying not to go down for the ten count. By tomorrow, many of us here in the Hudson Valley will be moving from cabin fever to cabin malaria, complete with hallucinations.

However, around these parts we’re all a little bit foodie, a little bit aesthete, a little bit “I really moved up here so I could play part-time hooky on NYC now and again”, so I offer a fun little time killer to break up the monotony of the white blankets that have held us captive until probably late March at this point.
I discovered it while doing research for my Typography class, and I hope it will provide a few minutes of relief and a couple of chuckles.
The url pretty much says it all, knock yourselves out:  http://cheeseorfont.com/play

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