Journal / Typography

…getting into a dystopian mindset…

The Swimmer novel cover

The Swimmer story cover

Fitting that one of the projects in my Typography class will be to illustrate a dystopian novel. As I was flipping through one of my typography textbooks, Typographic Design:  Form and Communication by Carter, Day and Meggs, I found the book cover from a novel that later became a favorite film of mine, The Swimmer by John Cheever. While I never read the novel, the film was incredibly performed by Burt Lancaster and a must see if you appreciate the actor and that era of American filmmaking…the late 60’s well into the 70’s was clearly a renaissance in thoughtful design and culture on so many levels.

In this illustration by Anne Jordan, I love the process she went through to get the lyrically pensive results of the pool outlines around the “S”, surely mimicking the mindset of the story’s protagonist, Neddy Merrill.

The Swimmer cover art by Anne Jordan


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