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getting inspiration….

…you could get lost for hours looking at the wealth of artwork that falls into Cubist painting and sculpture. A few old favorites come to mind, and along the way I found a few new striking works.

Demuth and Stella are two favorites that come to mind, the “figure 5 in gold” and “brooklyn bridge” are quite different in style but incredibly iconic:

NY_Met_demuth_figure_5_gold   Stella brooklyn-bridge-1920

Also beautiful in its handling of a fractured figure is Metzinger’s La Femme au Cheval:


Or Boccioni’s “Unique Forms of Continuity in Space”.


But there are a couple of contemporary artists out there too whose work was pretty amazing – here is a painting by Brazilian artist Rafel Vicente:


Painting by Rafael Vicente

And another more traditional look at Cubism (a la Picasso) called “The Dice Players” by John Keith Reed:



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