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so it’s a total makeover…

…from the original look of my Willy Wonka Chocolate River project. As it turns out, the bare tree vista of Bear Mountain that I believed would help me “plant” my candy elements realistically has turned out to provide scanty cover when it comes time to blend the same elements into their surroundings. As a result, I’ve taken my lesson in perspective and scale and started from scratch with a much more vibrant Fall Color version in which to plant a Willy Wonka candy land. Here are the before and after – still very much a work in progress since I started from scratch the day of our presentation!

Before….willy wonka elements in the winter setting. This made it easy to place elements so they didn’t feel like they were floating, and I could just add a couple shadows at their bases. But matching color and levels amongst the dark, nearly silhouetted trees became quite a challenge, and frankly, didn’t really feel like a “fit”. Here’s what I’m talking about:


So, I made a decision to go back to the Fall look. It’s almost a complete do-over in terms of scaling, masking, and levels, so..a lot of work, but just roughing in the key elements and the chocolate have made a big difference in what I think the final outcome could be. Here’s a super rough new draft:

Hyper WW Fall_03

Again, lot’s of masking, blending, and level adjustments necessary, but I think the result will be overall much more cohesive.

To be continued….


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