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starting to take shape…

I’ve been able to add a few elements to my template image of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Hudson River and it’s starting to get fun…after quite a few extraction trial and errors and a few mistakes where I had to backtrack and use different tools to get a better result. At this point the list of candies I could add to this image could be endless, but I think I have to step back and get an organized overview of the key elements to add to the main photo before it turns into an incoherent jumble. So far this is what I’ve got:

1st Pass:


2nd Pass:


3rd Pass:


For the moment I’m leaving most of the elements in their original size as they were brought into the Hudson River photo until I troubleshoot the image size issue. In the meantime I’m thinking about where to place the existing elements and which others I’d still like to bring in. I’ll probably limit it to only a few more if possible in order to avoid a busy mess.


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