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already tweaking….

Day three and I’m already in for a retool! Now having a chance to check out more styles on my home monitor, I’ve narrowed it down to some nice alternatives to my chosen theme, Zoren.

Runners up are Skeptical and Structure. Both are contrasty and clean, two nice templates for my design work with plenty of room for written commentary and critique. But I know when I’m reading blogs, if I can’t get my bearings in a nutshell, I often feel that I’m being sucked into the blogosphere rabbit hole of lengthy and seemingly “parentless” individual posts. A terrible feeling for a procrastinator like me!

So the winner is the “Sight” theme. Visually arresting on the home page, but as you delve deeper into the “parent” and “child” page structure, each post has a clean and unobtrusive caption noting its “family tree” and relations. I like it. I’m reading about topic/design/idea/event and I know who it is and who its friends are. If I’m using a blog to figure out the cacophony of ideas in my head, I don’t want to spend extra time figuring out what’s made it to print (or screen!).

There you have it, in between disassembling my son’s crib to make way for big boy loft bed and various other home projects, I’ll be switching content over from Zoren to Sight. I dug you Zoren, but it’s already time to move on…


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